CAP-MR/DD Services & PBH - Waiver Services

CAP-MR/DD & PBH - Waiver Services
S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy Inc.’s Community Alternatives Program for Persons with Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities (CAP-MR/DD
& PBH Waiver Programs) serve individuals who would otherwise require care in an intermediate care facility for individuals with mental retardation/developmental disabilities (ICF/MR). Our services allow these individuals the opportunity to be served in the community instead of residing in an institutional or group home setting.

Based on an assessment of each consumer's needs, the following CAP-MR/DD services may be provided by our staff of experienced professional care givers:

Personal Care
S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy, Inc. will ensure that Personal Care supports and engages consumer participation. Personal Care is a non-habilitative service which encourages flexibility of activities that may encourage our consumers to maintain skills gained during active treatment and/or habilitation. Personal Care involvement also provides supervision for the independent activities of our consumers.

Respite Care
S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy, Inc. provides Respite Cares services to individuals who are unable to care for themselves. Our services are furnished on a short-term basis to support the absence or need for relief of those persons normally providing care for our consumers.

Day Support
S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy, Inc.’s Day Supports provides assistance with acquisition, retention, or improvement in self-help, socialization and adaptive skills in a non-residential setting, separate from the home or facility in which our consumers reside.

Supported Employment
Our Supported Employment Services provide assistance with choosing, acquiring, and maintaining a job for participants age 16 and older whom competitive employment has not been achieved and/or has been interrupted, or intermittent.

PBH Home Support & Home and Community Support
Our Home and Community Supports service(s) provide instruction and assistance to enable our consumers to acquire and maintain skills that allow higher independent functioning in the community. S.T.E.P’s Home and Community Supports services provide habilitation, training and instruction coupled with elements of support, supervision and engaging participation to reflect the natural flow of training, practice of skills, and other activities as they occur during the course of our consumer’s day.

Individual Caregiver Training and Education
Individual/Caregiver Training and Education includes training and counseling services for our consumers and or family members of the consumer. Our services enhance the decision making capacity of the family unit, provide orientation regarding the nature and impact of the developmental disability upon the consumer and his/her family, provide information about community integration options and strategies, provide education and training on intervention strategies, and provide education and training on the use of specialized equipment and supplies.

Crisis Services
Our Crisis Service provides periodic relief for other staff direct care staff, family members or primary care givers. S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy, Inc.’s Crisis service workers are specifically trained to conduct behavior intervention techniques during an acute crisis situation.

Specialized Consultative Services
Our Specialized Consultative Services provide expertise, training, and technical assistance in a designated specialty area (psychology, behavioral analysis, therapeutic recreation, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, or nutrition) to assist family members, caregivers, and other direct service employees in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities who have long term habilitative treatment needs.

Home Supports
Our Home Supports services meet the habilitation and personal care needs of our adult (18years or older) consumers who choose to live with and receive support from their families and whose families wish to provide services to the consumer in the family residence.

Long Term Vocational Supports
Our Long Term Vocational Supports provide assistance with maintaining a job for consumers who no longer need an intense level of Supported Employment Services. Long Term Vocation Supports provides periodic supports to our consumers who, because of medical or behavioral needs, may require supports regarding the social or environmental issues that are integral to successful employment.

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