By providing our tutors with easy-to-use materials and innovative, focused training we are able to use our limited time with our tutees to its full advantage.

We believe in the con­cept of fidelity of implementation (FOI), “deliv­ery of instruction in the way in which it was designed to be delivered!” Our certified tutors (aided by University Education practicum students) are trained in the Voyager Expanded Learning instructional innovations which inform when and how they interact with our tutees by delivering the interventions rigorously through their words and actions.  Research demonstrates that fidelity of instruction produces improve­ments in achievement, especially in the areas of Math and Reading.  Wallace, Blase, Fixsen, and Naoom (2008) connect implementation to student learning because “improved outcomes in education are the product of effective innovations and effective imple­mentation efforts.”  The most critical piece to this puzzle is that “our certified tutors are the intervention.”




SES Implementation


Our approach is to use assessment data to determine – with great accuracy – what a student knows and does not know.
We then tailor a personalized and prescriptive learning program. Each student follows the program with the guidance of certified tutors and University Education major tutors who provide instruction in Reading and Math and a lot of encouragement! 

To measure our ongoing progress, we rely on the student's report card, weekly progress reports from our tutors, teacher communication and parent response (written and verbal).

Our overall progress in growth of student skill acquisition improvement is determined by post-assessment and:


Targeted Instruction:
Our Voyager Expanded Learning curriculum has been proven to meets the instructional needs of low-performing reading and math students.

Frequent progress monitoring ensures quality of intervention.

Data Management:
Tracks student progress and informs instructional decisions.

Online Excitement:
Our VmathLive curriculum brings out the math maniac in any student!

Ensures Success:
Supportive after school instruction aligned with the NCSOC fills gaps and helps students score higher on high-stakes end of grade assessments!


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