Mental Health: Services from birth to adulthood

S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy, Inc. has been dedicated to achieving excellence in mental health care. Our goal is to provide the life-long support necessary to ensure that individuals and their families are able to achieve their full potential and improve the quality of their lives.


S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy, Inc.’s broad range of services directly addresses the mental health needs of children, adolescents, adults, and families. We’re here to
aid individuals in crisis—anyone who is having emotional
or behavioral problems, requires more intensive community services for serious mental illness, or is seeking support to resolve family discord.


We provide community-based counseling and rehabilitation services using a team-based approach to restorative interventions for families and adults which emphasize the acquisition, development, and expansion of cognitive-behavioral and rehabilitative skills needed to move forward
in recovery. 

The “systems of care” philosophy drives our practice which integrates family involvement as well as multi-agency collaboration into all service planning and delivery. Our services and support interventions are provided in an individualized, flexible, coordinated manner and emphasize treatment in the least restrictive, most appropriate setting.

Our Services:  

S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy, Inc. staff forges supportive relationships with our consumers which promote respect, trust, and mutuality; therefore empowering individuals to make changes and decisions to enhance their recovery. Our staff define, model, and mentor recovery values, attitudes, beliefs, and personal actions in order to encourage wellness and resilience. Our services promote self-directed recovery by emphasizing the person, rather than the identified mental illness or substance abuse disorder.


Our Service include:

Intake/Assessment services provide an in-home or clinic-based assessment of strengths and needs to help identify service options and eligibility for children/adolescents and adults. 

Intensive In-Home Counseling services are provided to children/adolescents and families experiencing moderate to severe distress using a team approach, including case management and outpatient therapy services.

Community Support Team Services are provided to adults in the home or community through a team based approach to reduce symptoms and promote symptom stability; restore personal, community living and social skills necessary for self-management; gain access to necessary services in all life domains; and  increase the ability to access financial entitlement, housing, work, and social opportunities in the community.

Outpatient Therapy services provide individual, family and group counseling services to children, adolescents and adults.

Community Support Services are provided to children and adults in the home or community allowing one-on-one or family-based interventions to help build coping skills, wellness management, and independence in daily activities.

CAP-MR/DD & PBH - Waiver Services
S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy Inc.’s Community Alternatives Program for Persons with Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities (CAP-MR/DD & PBH Waiver Programs) serves individuals who would otherwise require care in an intermediate care facility for individuals with mental retardation/developmental disabilities (ICF/MR). Our services allow these individuals the opportunity to be served in the community instead of residing in an institutional or group home setting.
 > Read More about our CAP-MR/DD & PBH - Waiver Services



S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy, Inc. strives to be a leader in the delivery of mental health, and case-management services. This is accomplished through the effective application of clinical and administrative cutting edge technologies. The organization is focused on quality and growth both in terms of the expansion of its continuum of clinical services and its geographic distribution system. S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy, Inc. seeks partnerships with other healthcare or community organizations in pursuing service opportunities.



S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy, Inc. acknowledges and respects the social, spiritual and cultural experience of consumers. The involvement of the consumer and significant family members in treatment, recovery and ongoing social supports are cornerstones in the S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy, Inc. commitment to excellence.

S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy, Inc.
respects consumer choice and is committed to maintaining access for populations in need. This includes crisis outreach, in-home, case management and lifelong support services.

S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy, Inc. views agency staff as its most important resource. The growth and development of individuals and the group as a team is a high priority and an ongoing focus. S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy, Inc. is committed to the ongoing professional development and empowerment of our staff.

S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy, Inc. provides high-quality care for all segments of the population without discrimination by age, race, gender, economic status or religion. We provide services that are culturally competent and responsive.




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