What is SES Tutoring?


Supplemental Education Services (SES) refers to extra academic instruction in Reading and Mathematics beyond the regular school day. S.T.E.P’s certified instructors tutor grades 3-5 in Reading and Mathematics. We use the award winning Voyager Expanded Learning Curriculum.

The Voyager Expanded Learning Curriculum is based on research that has determined best practices for teaching reading and math. Numerous independent studies have been conducted that indicate the effectiveness of Voyager's solutions.

Allow S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy to provide your child with the best tools for academic success; after school instruction with a strong curriculum delivered by experienced, innovative tutors!

Join us and watch the proven results work for your child!


Our Curriculum:

S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy’s curriculum and instruction focus is to align what is taught with what will be tested. Our use of the award-winning Voyager Expanded Learning Curriculum allows aligned curricula with the North Carolina State Standard Course of Study (NCSCOS), and pacing guides that specify when particular content and skills will be covered.

Our Voyager Passport Reading curriculum incorporates a robust, comprehensive assessment system that includes Vital Indicators of Progress (VIP) measures and curriculum-embedded assessment tools.

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Our approach is to use assessment data to determine – with great accuracy – what a student knows and does not know. We then tailor a personalized and prescriptive learning program. Each student follows the program with the guidance of certified tutors and University Education major tutors who provide instruction in Reading and Math and a lot of encouragement! 

To measure our ongoing progress, we rely on the student's report card, weekly progress reports from our tutors, teacher communication and parent response (written and verbal).

 Parents, teachers, and S.T.E.P’s Tutors work in harmony to create and implement an individualized learning plan tailored for each student’s success.

Our overall progress in growth of student skill acquisition improvement is determined by post-assessment and:


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